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I’ve spent my life in service, having witnessed early in my life challenges people face when they don’t have the support they need for their health and well-being. I thought being a nurse was the best way I could make a difference. In my nursing (BSN degree) program, at Wayne State University in Detroit, I learned the basics of a wide variety of health disorders, physical and emotional, and treatment options. I was so interested in the healing aspects of nutrition that I later wrote a book about it. But I noticed how emotions particularly affected health, and thought there had to be a better way that people could manage life than by getting ill, when they might side-step that situation.

So off I went to California to study at UCLA, completing a Masters degree in Community Mental Health Nursing. I wanted to know more about how emotions affected the origins and course of disease, and how people could get support to live more satisfying and healthier lives.

After that program, and professional work in that area, I knew there was more to learn and research to conduct, so I made the move north to study at UC Berkeley, School of Public Health, where I received my doctoral degree and completed research on self-care for women.

I’ve taught in academic settings, spoke widely about wellness and energy, and supported clients in clarifying their priorities and preferences in the self-care of their physical, emotional and spiritual life. I’ve helped people discover the use of natural care methods – including those as simple as therapeutic breathing – that empowers them in their own healing process. There’s a lot of “fake news” that may trick people into not believing in their own healing potential, and strengths. My work has evolved to help people challenge that concept, and live healthier, more vital and meaningful lives.

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