Want some refreshing news about how to get and keep better energy?

Interested in knowing how, by following some wellness principles, you can save yourself and your business a fortune in health care costs?

  • The cost of accidents due to fatigue in the workplace is in excess of $140 million dollars.
  • The cost of stress, in the form of lost work time and illnesses, far exceeds that figure.
  • Physical and mental fatigue, stress, work challenges, lack of sleep, poor food habits and even aging deplete energy.

Wellness expert and advocate, Dr. Lynn Fraley, offers solutions to clients to help them get and keep their energy and balance, with programs that are direct, entertaining, and content rich.

Endless Energy: How to Get it, and How to Keep It – For Passion and Productivity

Dr. Fraley offers a no-blame, no-shame, guilt-free approach to having endless energy. She identifies and addresses: energy busters that abound, and offers specific strategies to rise above them. In her unique, fast-paced sessions, audience members get tips to become their own expert in reviving their spirit, improving the quality of their life, enhancing their productivity and sense of purpose, and putting the dynamic back into their relationships. We create our own personal energy and now, more than ever, cannot afford to lose that power.

Women’s Health and Wellness: Simple and Surprising Truths

Every woman needs to know more about natural care and preventive strategies, regardless of insurance status. Learning startling new findings that Dr. Fraley includes in her programs, women will be on their way to having more knowledge and confidence about their own care needs. From breast care to nutrition, Dr. Fraley helps women explore options that are fun, interesting and potentially life saving.

The Why and How of Self-Care: Save Yourself and Your Business a Fortune

Self-care trumps needless medical intervention, and allow those valuable services to be used when necessary. Why not consider how simple, safe, noninvasive, cost-effective and tested self-care measures can make a difference in your life, and with your employees? Do you like expressing your creativity and feeling empowered? Would you like tips on how to use proven ideas and have frank discussions with your health care provider and enroll them in your plan for care? Expand your knowledge base and increase your sense of personal empowerment by increasing your self-care.