Do you like massage? Would you like to learn some very usefuRedheadl techniques that you can take during the day to relax? A surprisingly quick and simple way to relax your body is to massage your own scalp. Why bother? A scalp massage can be very rewarding and for such little effort!

Doing a quick scalp massage can help you feel more grounded, and present, ease a tension headache, and energize you. Given that most people don’t truly get a good break during work hours, this could provide huge value in a short period of time, and a break that refreshes. You can massage your scalp while sitting, even when you’re on a conference call (preferably one that doesn’t involve real time video).

Here is a short beginner’s guide to doing a nice head massage for yourself. For practical purposes, let’s limit the discussion of this massage to the areas on your head where your hair grows.

Take a deep breath and notice how your head feels.
Paying attention to how you feel before you massage your head will allow you to notice changes, and give you more information about how a head massage will feel to you. After your short observation, with a slow, deep breath, imagine your muscles relaxing, and the circulation in your scalp being stimulated and flowing more freely. Your scalp includes skin, blood and nerve vessels, and muscles. You don’t need to know the anatomy of your head to do a relaxing head massage, but using some imagery could be useful.

Open your hands and place them on your head.
With both hands open wide, press your fingertips and thumb on your head. Move your fingers around your scalp, and to the back, bottom of your head at the base of your head. Apply small circular and back and forth motions with a firm touch to your scalp. Move your hands in a way that allows your fingers and thumbs to gently grasp your scalp, almost in a gentle grabbing or pinching motion. Bring your thumbs down below the base of your skull and press gently up against and slightly under the base of the skull. Tilt your head back gently against the pressure of your thumbs or your fingers there for more pressure and stimulation.

Notice your experience as you continue to deep breathe.
Applying touch and massage to your head can be a quick way to improve your alertness, reduce muscular tension, and generally relax your body. Notice if any tension dissipates. Just like the more common foot rub is relaxing, so can a scalp or head massage be too, and more convenient.

How did this work for you? Do you have some additional tips?