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A Podcast Guest Who Inspires Best Healthcare and Wellness Practices

As a public speaker and educator for 20 years, Lynn offers great value in areas of health and wellness for listeners. 

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Podcast with Anne Corbin

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

“Lynn was a terrific guest, and offered tremendous value to my listeners.”

Anne Corbin

About Me

Lynn Fraley is a women’s wellness strategist known for her ability to help women sort and sift information and achieve their wellness goals. She earned a doctoral degree from UC Berkeley in Public Health, and as a Registered Nurse draws from 30-plus years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Lynn has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences, ensuring they leave with actionable strategies for positive change. Using her passion, energy and warmth, Lynn has shared her expertise with thousands of professionals in Fortune 500 companies, professional organizations, and trade organizations.

Lynn’s audiences find her viewpoints refreshing, relevant, and motivating. She has a talent for being able to reframe conditions and diagnoses so women can take positive actions with their health and well-being.

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