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Nurses health care advocates certification PROGRAM

An exciting opportunity to be with like-minded, caring change-seekers

By Application Only

RN Advocate
  • Nurses have extensive and valuable knowledge and experience about health that can support individuals and businesses in improving their health. As nurses, we are highly trusted professionals who know a great deal about what works and what doesn’t in the healthcare system, and we can utilize our influence better.

    Does a lot of what's going on make you anxious or concerned about the future? Would you like support in channeling that energy into more positive actions?

    I'd love to have you join this certification program (for nurses only) so we can collectively work to raise the vibration in healthcare and promote the healing we need in our culture now. This is a time of transformation and the possibilities for nurses who wish to make a difference are many.

    I will be launching a certification program in 2022 for nurses who want to discover more empowering ways to promote health and lifestyle choices, whether as entrepreneurs or in their current or other employed positions. Acceptance into the program will require the completion of an application and an interview.

    This program will NOT be about compliance to medical directives (other healthcare advocates have that covered) but is a program with an emphasis on health and consumer choices. This program will be apolitical and is intended for nurses who see themselves as wanting to make more of a difference, either in their current position, a new position, or as an entrepreneur.

    Nurses who complete this certification program will be able to: 

  • Describe how, using their specialization, to promote health in different nonclinical settings.

  • Apply gained knowledge to enrich their own experience of health along with their patients.

  • Be their own boss!  Leverage their hard-earned set of skills and solving problems!  

  • Become part of a powerful and empowering movement for health freedom. Be the change you wish to see

Be a Nurse Health Advocate and expand your practice for more financial freedom

The Registered Nurse Health Advocate Certification Program is designed to support registered nurses in expanding their practice skills and offers the potential for more financial freedom. Participants are educated and experienced and will develop skills to support their clients or patients in their own empowerment.

Preferences of patients need to be acknowledged as part of their healing process. The “efficiency” in institutions sometimes doesn’t allow for thoughtful consideration of options. Can any provider say with certainty what an outcome of care will be? Who is there to support the patient in consideration of options? Most situations in healthcare are not life-and-death emergencies and there is time to consider options. Nurse Health Advocates will be in an ideal position to support people with chronic illnesses, for example, in regaining their health.

Nurse Health Advocates can be independent of the healthcare team. They do not direct any medical care, and they act in the best interests of the patient. They don’t make decisions for patients (unless they have the legal rights) but rather support the desires of the patient to the extent possible.

One can only advocate in an area of familiarity. Advocates may specialize in the maternity, pediatric, or any number of areas. They may choose to support parents whose children are being home schooled. Some advocates may work with older people who are particularly vulnerable to over-treatment.

Nurse Health Advocates do not interfere with the work of other healthcare practitioners, but may find themselves helping clients explore services that other types of healthcare practitioners provide.

Nurses are excellent at assessment, a primary skill employed in healthcare advocacy. For example, the nurse advocate may assess muscular issues that the patient might prefer addressed by a massage therapist or chiropractor before making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Or the nurse advocate will explain the action of prescribed medications more thoroughly, and in a less stressful environment than when these medications were prescribed. This service provides real informed consent.

Most likely the advocate will be an out-of-pocket expense that might be offset in a significant way by fewer deductibles or even less costly or invasive treatments the patient chooses. 

The Nurse Health Advocate doesn’t make decisions for the patient but advocates on the patient’s behalf, making the patients' choice the priority in the care process.

Lynn's course is amazing. I was so impressed with how I could be of assistance to those who want informed consent. This is exactly what I was looking for to expand my practice. AMAZING!!


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