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As a young woman, born and raised in the Midwest, I wanted a career in which I could make a difference, and “do good.” I chose nursing and quickly realized that conventional care allowed little time for teaching about self-care or natural care. I realized the critical need for more attention to beliefs, emotions and personal energy in prevention and healing.

Experience in a wide variety of clinical areas taught me a lot about health and compliance. Several years of teaching at the college level sharpened more skills. My interest in natural care guided my dissertation research on the study of acupressure as a self-care measure for women.

Having observed first-hand what goes on “behind the curtain,” and understanding challenges people face when seeking care, I began speaking to audiences around the United States on wellness, self-care, and personal energy. In more than 25 years of professional speaking I saw the acute need for more transparency in healthcare.

With a deep knowledge and understanding of the health care system, I understand why, for example, so many women choose conventional treatments for breast disease, as women are often unaware of safe, scientific and proven options for care.

Being a witness to so much confusing and conflicting information about breast health compelled me to write Cherish the Girls: A Well-Rounded Approach to Breast Health and Wellness (available as an ebook now, and print soon).

I currently live in Berkeley, California with my husband and our amazing standard poodle. I’m especially grateful to be in a place where I can have a year-round garden.

Clarity, Courage and confidence

Every woman needs to know more about natural care and preventive strategies. Learning startling new findings, women will be on their way to having more knowledge and confidence about managing their own care needs. From breast care to nutrition to lifestyle shifts, I help women explore options that are fun, interesting

and potentially life-saving.

Corporate training Program

Employee Wellness

Better, safer care for happier, more productive employees (and business owners) and an improved bottom line. What's not to love? Lynn shares with audiences ways to have a more fun and interesting path to wellness. Belief systems, food, bras, conventional testing, and more, profoundly affect lives and well-being. Live, in-person or online. 

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"Cherish The Girls"

For women who share values of having the best breast care possible.

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A little bit of love from my cherished clients.

“We love Dr. Fraley’s presentations and her delightful energy. She is always very informative, refreshing, funny and exciting. Her several programs on different topics presented to our diverse audiences are always very well received. Content is practical and delivered in an interactive way that encourages questions. She’s a favorite presenter!”


Major Insurance Corporation

“Dr. Lynn Fraley has provided our group with numerous fabulous presentations over the years. She’s expert at offering innovative and unconventional self-care strategies that save people valuable time and resources.”


Program Manager; Hospital Education Network

“My group is always glad to hear Dr. Fraley’s very practical information, with its great take home value. She’s inspiring, stimulating, and very supportive of their growth.”


Education Coordinator; SEIU

Let's have a conversation about how I can support you, your business, or your organization in saving time and money related to health and lifestyle needs. 

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Author, Cherish the Girls, A Well-Rounded Approach to Breast Health and Wellness
Speaker, Educator & Mentor
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